Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita
Fried Pies Wichita

Just Like Your Mama Made ‘Em

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From Our Family to Yours

Our Wichita-based family fell in love at first taste with Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies. We immediately wanted them in our amazing city, which we believe features some of the greatest restaurants and most unique cuisine in the country. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to bring fried pies to Wichita with multiple locations. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with fried pies for the first time too… or all over again!

—With Fried Love, The Monahan Family

Come Try Our Mouthwatering Fried Pies


Come Try Our Mouthwatering Fried Pies

Inspired by Arbuckle Mountain Cowboys from the 1800s!

From Our Fried Pies Fans

We’d Love to Hear Your Feedback Too!

“These are the real deal! There are so many amazing flavors that I can't decide which one I like best! #FriedPieProblems”

Justine H.

“I hadn’t had a fried cherry pie since I was a little girl, but from the warm, flaky crust to the piping hot filling, Fried Pies Wichita did not disappoint! Now I can’t wait to try the savory pies.”

Leah S.

“We had Fried Pies Wichita deliver to our work, and they were a huge hit! They are delicious and conveniently packaged so you can take them anywhere. I will definitely be ordering more from Fried Pies Wichita in the future!”

Nikki P

“Many thanks to Brad and everyone at Fried Pies for making my daughter Lisa's wedding have a special ending. We surprised our guests with fried pies later in the evening. They loved them! An easy catering solution for any event!”

Paula Fulgham via Facebook

“#FriedPiesWichita is fabulous! I was able to sample cherry, blackberry, chicken & veggie as well as egg, sausage and cheese this week! The dough is soft and the fillings are very tasty! Although, not fully open to the public yet, this will be a place you will frequent soon!! Take my word for it!”

Amanda H via Facebook

“It’s great for a meal or just a quick snack... be sure to get a few to take home!!”

Beth Nolte Reeder via Facebook

“We had Fried Pies cater the cutest, most delicious MINI fried pies for our wedding of over 300. Our guests raved of them! They were the perfect, bite size dessert and our guests were able to try multiple flavors that night. They were timely and worth it to swap this out with the traditional cake route. ”

Nicole Capps

“Absolutely delicious!!”

Kendall Cunningham via Facebook

“Still can’t believe how amazing the pies are. Found a new favorite place. Highly recommend! Your life will change”

Alex Harb via Facebook

“Tried the apple and chocolate on GO day, they were amazing and very close to our family recipe. I will definitely be going back and can't wait for the savory options.”

Lynette Hofer via Facebook

“My meat and cherry pie was the most awesome thing I ever ate”

Alisha Stroud

“Been waiting a long time! Brings back fond memories of when Grandma used to bake them. A real treat!!! Delicious and affordably priced! Thanks!”

Linds Payne

“Love every Fried Pie I’ve eaten! Everything’s better when you get it from this Red Truck!”

Shirley Harrison Meissner via Facebook

“Whole family loves them !”

Robert Clarke via Facebook


Fried Pies Wichita Location Placeholder

Kiosk with Drive-thru

  • 316-977-9337
  • 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Mon-Wed, 10:00am-7:00pm Thurs/Fri, 12-7 Sat
  • 8520 W. 13th St. Wichita, Kansas 67212 (Northeast Corner of 13th and Tyler)
Call ahead or make your catering order: (316) 977-9337
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Mobile Food Truck

  • Messages preferred
  • Reservation, Pop-Up
  • Wichita, Kansas, USA
Message us on Facebook or use the contact form below to set up a reservation for our food truck to visit your neighborhood, set-up shop at your event and/ or special occasion. We would be happy to coordinate with you! Our truck makes weekly rounds in local communities, in addition to special event appearances.

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